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“chocolate Rain” Original Song By Tay Zonday

Chocolade regen Sommige blijven droog andere voelen pijn Chocolade regen Een pasgeboren baby zal sterven,voor ze heeft gezondigd Chocolade regen De schoolboeken zeggen dat het hier niet meer kan gebeuren Chocolade regen De gevangenissen laten je afvragen waar het naartoe ging Chocolade regen Bouw een tent en zeg dat de wereld droog is Chocolade regen Zoom de camera uit en zie het licht Chocolade regen Voorspel de regen van gisteren Chocolade regen Alleen in het verleden, is wat ze zeggen Chocolade regen Ontneem je buurt van zijn verzekeringstarief Chocolade regen Maakt ons blij om te leven in een hol Chocolade regen Hierdoor stak ik laatst over straat Chocolade regen Maar jij keek naar de andere kant Chocolade regen De geschiedenis knalt door je aders Chocolade regen Ze gebruiken je om op te vallen Chocolade regen De geschiedenis knalt door je aders Chocolade regen Jou gebruiken om weer terug te vallen Chocolade regen Zelden op de radio vermeld Chocolade regen Het is de angst die uw leiders controle noemen Chocolade regen Erger dan vloeken, erger dan namen noemen Chocolade regen Zeg het openbaar en je bent gek Chocolade regen Niemand wil er nu over horen Chocolade regen Wens heel hard dat het op een of andere manier weggaat Chocolade regen! Zorgt dat de beste vrienden gaan vechten Chocolade regen Maar kenden ze elkaar in het licht? Chocolade regen! Elke februari weg gewast Chocolade regen Blijft achter als kleuren feest vieren Chocolade regen! De zelfde misdaad moet een hogere prijs betalen Chocolade regen De rechters en de jury zweren dat het niet het gezicht is Chocolade regen Geschiedenis knalt door je aders heen Chocolade regen Jou gebruiken om weer terug te vallen Chocolade regen Geschiedenis knalt door je aders heen Chocolade regen Jou gebruiken om weer terug te vallen Chocolade regen Vieze geheimen van de economie Chocolade regen Transformeert het lichaam in GDP Chocolade regen De kromme bel beschuldigd het baby's DNA Chocolade regen Maar testresultaten is wat de ouders verdienen Chocolade regen Flippende autos in Frankrijk die ene nacht Chocolade regen Maakt de riolen onder Mumbai schoon Chocolade regen Ga over de wereld en als je terugkomt is het hetzelfde Chocolade regen Engelen huilen en schudden hun hoofd in schaamte Chocolade regen Tilt de ark van het paradijs op in schaamte Chocolade regen Welk deel denk je dat je nu in leeft? Chocolade regen Meer dan marcheren meer dan de wet passeren Chocolade regen Maak een nieuwe versie van hoe we daar nou zijn gekomen Chocolade regen Geschiedenis knalt door je aders heen Chocolade regen Jou gebruiken om weer terug te vallen Chocolade regen Geschiedenis knalt door je aders heen Chocolade regen Jou gebruiken om weer terug te vallen Ondertiteling door:
PumpkinFarmers NL
Maria Dello

The First Soldier Of Belgium – King Albert I I Who Did What In Ww1?


King Albert the first of Belgium grew to be commander of the Belgian military on the opening of the first World warfare for 4 years he led his troops and for 4 years his persons stood at the back of him the primary soldier of Belgium i am indy neidell welcome to a fine warfare certain bio episode of who did what in world struggle one at present providing King Albert the first of Belgium Albert was previously named Albert Leopold Clement Marie mine rod of Belgium he was born April eight 1875 in the Palais in Brussels on the time of his delivery it used to be now not foreseeable that Albert would ever be king as he used to be the fifth little one of Prince Philippe of Flanders who in flip was once the younger brother of King Leopold the 2d Albert’s mom used to be the princess Marie of Hohenzollern however even though he used to be fourth in line for the throne as late as the age of 4 by using 1905 Albert was once the inheritor because the heirs forward of him in line had all died at the age of sixteen Albert entered the Royal military Academy and used to be appointed lieutenant and from 1893 he used to be additionally a member of the Senate he used to be dedicated to social issues and made incognito visits to industrial and working-class neighborhoods to kind his own impressions of every day belgian lifestyles in 1906 he established the institution Ibis supplying houses and schooling for orphans he visited the Belgian colony of the Congo and was shocked by means of its exploitation and promised protection for the locals and future political reforms when King Leopold died on December 17 1903 as the primary of his title and the 1/3 king of Belgium he had married Elisabeth Duchess of Bavaria in 1900 and by the point of his accession that they had three children’s Albert used to be a preferred monarch and he worked to offer us humans an actual connection to the royal family opening his private life to journalists and even taking his oath of workplace in both French and Flemish he also beefed up countrywide security and presented basic conscription in 1913 when the battle started out the army of little Belgium used to be 200,000 powerful on august 2nd 1914 the German high Command demanded that Albert opened Belgian borders to German troops despite the fact that Germany was once one of the most 5 powers that assured Belgian independence Albert refused that equal night German troops entered Belgium violating its neutrality Belgium used to be now at war with Albert grow to be and ER of its navy has written within the Belgian structure however the belgian military was once not ready for conflict despite the fact that it had a good amount of manpower it lacked tactical potential and expert officers each French and Flemish talking soldiers served in the equal items with commands issued handiest in French nonetheless Belgian resistance was quite tough for the invading Germans delaying them for many days from Wheeling through Belgium and into France and giving the French and British worthwhile time to organize and rally troops to discontinue the German increase on the battle of the Marne inside the first few months of the warfare although ninety% of Belgium used to be occupied Albert and his army withdrew in the back of the EC River and Albert ordered that massive components of the Belgian nation-state be flooded to avoid the Germans from taking the rest of Belgium and ending the race to the sea it was once now to be trench struggle Albert remained at the front except the tip of the battle although his ministers relocated to Lahav the first wintry weather used to be exceptionally tough there was once no functioning food provide chain and no precautions against the bloodless the flooding also of path worsened stipulations many soldiers died of sickness but come the spring there were 34,000 new recruits educated in France and four discipline hospitals near the entrance and the defence the last corner of Belgium would continue the Easter front surely stays the only unoccupied part of Belgium in the course of the warfare as Albert strove to maintain as lots of his individuals free as viable the Belgian military did not join the Allied offensives on the Western front unless close the end of the battle on September 28 1918 my birthday well if i would been alive then navy group Flanders crossed the east there and over the following few weeks started the liberation of Belgium after the Armistice Albert and his military have been welcomed dwelling as heroes though many returning Belgians who had fled overseas had been most commonly branded traitors Albert took part within the Paris Peace conference in 1919 and spent lots of the relaxation of his rule working with the reconstruction of his devastated nation one thing right here a part of that devastation used to be caused through Albert’s choice to flood the ISA the hygienic conditions there became had a strop ik and precipitated pleasant suffering with some 14,000 people dying of disease thus nonetheless the Germans had failed to break by way of and take the rest of Belgium which might likely have ended in the fall of Calais and Dunkirk and given the Germans a gigantic situational talents King Albert the primary of Belgium died on February 17 1934 in of all matters a climbing accident so there you’ve a very transient portrait of Albert now I failed to go into any depth about the battles that involve the Belgian navy but that I do in the course of our typical episodes as invariably I encourage you to appear up extra your self a few man who as king and Lear of his navy within the struggle used to be a countrywide hero however was additionally most often disparaged with the aid of his allies for not sending his troops to become a member of theirs in battle if you wish to recognize extra about the German invasion of Belgium at the establishing of the struggle you can determine that out proper right here and inform all your pals and historical past teachers 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