Iemand Kocht Mijn Nft Voor $19.125,- (4.5 Ethereum)

A new bid has been received. And? They have been bidding even more. For real?! Yes, I swear! How much? In my previous video you've seen that
I've made my own digital artwork… …together with a designer. So, let's get started. This was the end result of the artwork. After finishing we've uploaded it to a
website where NFTs are getting sold. And what happened then I never, never expected. Guys, I received a bid of $ 9,500!
– What?! But first I just want to say a few words, because
we are now exactly 1 year on with this channel… …and we have now reached almost 50,000 subs,
and I really want to thank you guys for that. We've all done this together. We have been able to do
super cool things last year. For example, I was able
to deliver food to Italy. We have set up our own
restaurant with frozen pizzas. I went on a trip to Milan of
my monthly YouTube earnings. And we have turned 0 euros into 1,000 euros. I am happy, finally! And I am really grateful to you for that.

And as you may have seen, lately the videos are
very often about finances and enterpreneurship… …and that might be a little different
from why you've subscribed. Once corona is over, I'm going to make some
really awesome content for you guys. And I am going to try
to do YouTube full time. And thanks to this video
I am one step closer. Yes, because in my previous video I've
shared that digital artwork on a website… …together with Mart. The link to is in the description. Yeah, and actually we kind of did it for fun. And a few hours after that video was uploaded,
we were already receiving bids. It started with a bid of about $ 100 by Dave… …whereafter Boris immediately bid $ 128. Well, a few hours later, Mella offered 0.13 Ethereum,
which is roughly equivalent to 220 euros.

A user named Anne offered a bit above. But Mella didn''t let to get herself
and offered on top of that. Then Anna again, then Mella again. And then all of a sudden someone else named
Ivo stepped in and offered 0.25 Ethereum. In other words, 421 euros. Anne went over it with a bid of about 438 euros. And then, a user called Godlike came along
and he offered 0.4 Ethereum. Converted that is about 700 euros. Well, Anne offered half an Ethereum one more time. And then, then Godlike offered 0.8 Ethereum.

Then another boy named Luuk came in. And Luuk, who had the balls to offer 1 Ethereum,
which is roughly equivalent to 1,700, 1,800 euros. Yeah, then things escalated a bit… Okay, I have to explain this at home. The moment the next bid came in… …I was working with two good friends of mine;
Rens and Pieter. As you know, I also work as a
freelancer editor next to YouTube. And by coincidence I looked at the website
where I had put the digital artwork on… …and saw the following offer coming in. A new bid has been received.
– And? $ 3,200!
– No. Yes.
– No. Yes.
– No, no, no. Yes, I swear! Someone just bid 1.75 Ethereum. Goosebumps. Yes my guy! I really don't think it's normal, holy shit.

– Me neither! Holy shit dude. I get all goosebumps, I don't know why,
it's just money, but holy shit man. Dude, what a lot of money. Yes, I agreed with Mart and myself that
the listing would last for about a week. Then we just continued working, because we had a
lot of work to do and all of a sudden this happened.

They have been bidding even more.
– For real? Yes, I swear! How much? $ 5,500. You're kinning?!
– No, he's right. Is that real?
– Yes, $ 5,500 now. Dude, not normal! Holy shit! That's a lot of money huh?!.
– That's insane a lot of money. Nice work of art, it is, but I would
not have given 5,500 euros for it. But it is beautiful.

What kind of guy is it then? You must have a lot of money if you just… These are people who used to earn a lot,
people with Bitcoins and so on. Spend it all out again now?! Let them spend it on you indeed. This is just, this is just half of $ 10,000. You calculated that correctly, yes! Until Ethereum crashes down again later. Yo Mart, it's Daan. Have you seen the bid of $ 5,500. How much?
– $ 5,500. Yes, I've seen it yes,
really what the fack! Holy shit dude. What are you going to do? Continue to work, earn more money. Well, then another few days passed… ….and there were actually
no more bids at all. Which I thought was fine, because it was,
well, this is already a lot of money. And then, the day before I
was going to close the bids… …I was playing soccer with friends
and the following happened. Guys, someone bid $ 9,500!
– What?! Yes, I swear. And a day later I accepted that offer. Okay, it is now 11:59 am
Sunday morning. That means that the auction
is about to close.

I'm about to close it. It's almost 12 o'clock, 5 seconds,
3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second. I am going to accept the offer. Here we go. 4.5 Ethereum, which is roughly
equivalent to $ 10,000 at the moment. And that is a really high amount. I reached out to the man
who bought the artwork… …and the great thing about this story is
that this viewer is international. It's a guy from Russia and he's been watching
my videos since the crypto currency miner video. He has been in the crypto scene for
many years and currently lives in Cyprus. And he said he bought the
NFT to support my channel… …and to give me some extra money
so I can do this full time… …and make even better content. And he added that he thought
Mart's artwork was awesome… …and it's a great reminder for
when Bitcoin hits $ 100,000. Mart and I agreed in advance,
and it seems very realistic… …that we both got half
of what was offered. Anyone who has bid, if you're watching;
thank you for the support anyway! Thank you for willing to make it
possible for me to do this full-time.

I am very pleased. I think it is very special
that we have done this. This, this; wow, thank you! We are going to do our best. Stay safe and see you next time,
thank you!.