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Whining I think that will be very tough for you After the 24-hour race, we will pick up training again with a training camp in Limburg We secretly signed up Josse for a test day To see where he is on the bike after a year Till I puke probably But then, also Devin is suddenly thrown to the lions But I have to participate in a race on Sunday? I'm too old, sorry Don't forget to subscribe Because together we turn the world of cycling upside down This is: Tour de Tietema Cyclingteam We are going to climb, add a little extra Scoupie extra Compensation behavior of those 24 hours this is Yes is its You have something to make up for People are disappointed in you Josse Devin, I have now and I kid you not I just think I smeared four different ointments on my ass It's nice in the preseason A training camp with those ladies But the first race straight away a DNF DNF, dropped by Devin I am well aware that I let you guys down There might be a revenge That's the whole problem, you didn't stay seated No …

And he wants us to know so well because he beat me once Turn that camera around So happy with himself No, I was very disappointed in you, people should know that No, you were especially very happy to beat me, that's quite something else I was comfortable This guy too, don't be so happy with yourself because you won Ready? I'm ready again. What route are we actually going to ride? I have made a route You have made a route We are starting, we are here in Valkenburg On the Cauberg I can already see thousand vertical meters But this time we go straight to the border To Belgium There it is usually a bit quieter It is now of course Ascension weekend There you also just have climbs, quite long and stuff We go towards a bit of Verviers And spa I think this is a very nice route I shaved my legs really bad It is the first time that I cycle this with shorts years I think Except in Spain That can also be seen with those milk bottles I just do it by feeling I have to have that route No, I already have it Shall I navigate? No, I want it too I have to calibrate my thing just like that So much whining Amateurs Where are we now? ~ Is there life on pluto ~ Can you dance on the moon? We are going to climb – But this is really a great idea Bas And which wall is this? – But let's not do this Did Mathieu van der Poel make this route or eh …

Okay, Josse said it is raining, so we will make the route a little shorter But this is just on the route, this is the route again Oh , Bas is almost up Not too bad! It's not to bad up there And? Was it OK? Heart rate: 202 Idiot Cycling only starts after 200 kilometers I just hear you are f * cking with me, did you know that? I'm just saying that you're in a really good shape.

Man… Yeah, stop filming now This one is a little burnt That's not surprising, this is the second pancake That one always goes wrong The first always goes wrong Thank you
– Here you go boy This combination is already star restaurant like. Legendary eh?
– Top class sport Pancake with nutella They do that in those star restaurants, those very exceptional combinations Talking about exceptional combinations, Josse It's an anniversary A year on the bike! It has been a year since Josse bought his first bicycle Made his first pedal strokes on a bicycle That was already seven kilos ago I remember that well, then he spammed me on Whatsapp for a whole week What should I do, what should I buy, what should I fix What is ultegra And nothing has actually changed since then He still doesn't know anything He still doesn't know whether to put his left shoe on his left foot or not What has changed in Josse Wester's life thanks to the bike 7 kilos Really? Yes, something like that I think I was in high in the 70s Five liters of beer a week Yes, that's a bit of a coherent story with the first point I just brought it from 100% to 10%, drinking beer You should not do that I do it a lot less that is already top class sport for me That is already discipline for me Bas, do you tell him? Yes, I will tell him Tomorrow, that's a surprise You have the regional team from Limburg These are the best boys and girls of this region in Limburg But they are going to do a 20-minute test,what we normally do inside They do that outside in Belgium, just across the border At barraque de Michel In other words, we will give you an FTP test for your anniversary Are you happy with it? The biggest hell on a bicycle Yes exactly What is your record now? 3,2,1 Do you have a vomit bag? I've never been more broken than right now.

280 Yeah? But look, you are saying all the time how good you are Now we want to measure that too Yes, but that is really very hard man, an ftp test That is really not at all what I am good at No, what do you want to ride more than 200 km? That does not suit you either What does actually? My best ride is just 10 seconds. You are more often about the short work But you participate too? No Man How long have you been on a bike Bas? How old were you then? I was a first-year newcomer, how old are you then, then you are 16 15,16, 15 And I am now 25 Well that is 10 years 10 years on the bike That is also an anniversary, you can expect something soon Tietema I know that I am really going to go all out for that present 1000km test As a gift Yes Josse Go to bed early Whining…

Oh That's gross You ride very fast of this, really If you ever really want to ride fast This is what you need I am so bad with dealing with nerves, it's really stupid. Fortunately, you have no competitive urge at all, that also makes a difference No, there is no pressure I would be disappointed in you
-Yes… Well, good luck! Bas, how old are those guys? These are newbies and juniors. So 15 years old. How old are you Josse? Yes, 28 I almost could have been those boys dad And they're all gonna ride me off They all have long sleeves Bas, should I do that too? No He will stand up, you should not Don't stand up? Smile for a second Yeah nice, you can still laugh here probably I think it's going to be less from here on There is nothing, nothing fun about this I will get this in a minute This is steep! Do you also have to pay parking fees here? Poor guys Poor Josse You shouldn't take a piss during an FTP test.

Does it also apply here that if you don't finish it, you ate cake? I did eat a lot of cake lately I don't know if that was strategic Under 280, I promise I won't touch a piece of pie until the Tour de France. You know what's the worst? Some boy that you will catch up to me Then my wattage will automatically drop with 20 Don't pay attention to that You have to be above that We are coming to deliver our boy We are coming to deliver our boy at my first soccer practice All those people are also going to look You know where it's time for Devin? Time for the classic nervous pee It won't be because of the socks! It won't! Real tietrace socks We are going to make it a tietrace What kind of stretching exercises are these Josse? This is the buttocks Let's see if I can do everything about it But I don't have to ask you if you're nervous, everyone can see that What is my heartbeat, Tijn? 115 What are the tips? The longest, and perhaps the most boring climb in Belgium Ideal to do a 20-minute test A kind of FTP test, which we normally always do on such an indoor trainer.

If the pros can do a 20-minute test here, I can do a two hours test here I think a bit, we're going for a record What is the highest that you have ever achieved so far? That 280 Then we go for it? 281 No, more ambitious Devin, we're going for 300 huh? Josse goes for 300 If I get 300 then I am really very proud You are not quickly proud of yourself Normally he is always very modest … You also have my wattage We drive behind you in the car And we can watch your wattage When I'm cheating, you know that too
– And heartbeat Till puking probably A water bottle is enough, right? Or do you really … Is adding weight to make it heavier … No, you just don't have to whine and doubt so much, you just have to ride those 20 minutes, man man man I can almost see it happening to you blaming your glasses for the 20 test Dude, I'm just thinking up excuses in my head now Coach! My name is Danny
– Josse The talent that is a bit too old Yes, that doesn't matter How old is the average boy who rides here now? 17 I was 11 years ago too, so that's no problem at all.

What kind of wattage do these guys ride on average? That depends on the weight of course Because they are reasonably light So that varies The lightest ride around 250 to 300 And the heavier ones over three hundred Ah well And Josse, does he fall under the light or under the heavy? The heavy The lightweights of the heavy Yes yes Okay yes So 300 Yes that 300 must be achievable for him Yes I think so too My highest ever is 280 Yes? I don't believe that, with such legs, that is almost impossible But I am a sprinter I am not someone who has to last long So the test itself, we do three times 1 minute So you go all the way down To the roundabout of the village Eupen And then you do one minute And then you ride back down Then you take the time you need to recover to do that minute again And you do that three times That's to tire you out a little It's so, if you only do the 20 minutes Then the first 5 minutes ride so fast, and then you really collapse And if you have a certain fatigue, then it is constant and you have a better test Yes That may sound strange, but it is That's why they warm up for a time trial and all those things To have a bit of fatigue to participate in the time trial So you learn something more And then five minutes maximum, and then twenty minutes And the good guys get past the roundabout What do you think of the socks? Nice, really.

Real, bare tits Nice You need data? You have to register Sorry, completely forgotten It says name: Tour de Tietema, date of birth: a long time ago Height: 182 Kilograms: 72.8 300 must be doable Yes You will get that, right? My highest is 280 280 so far 20 minutes That's been a while Now he's going to ride 300 Cause you've always done it on a flat No, on a tacx Then you're going to achieve that for sure Then you're going to get 300 That makes a difference! We'll cut this out, because I am not going to make it. Good, are you ready? Yes, also a photo … And then drop me later What's your FTP? I just rode 260 260 Then I want to be in the picture You just did it Yes I don't believe those guys anyway, so I … That one minute and those five minutes
– You shouldn't do that Yes, do it right because then your legs are already a bit full And then they warm up, and then at the beginning Then you have 12%, and if you open it with 400/500 watts then you will get to halfway here And roll up with 100 Then you are completely empty Don't be fooled Yes he does not.

Silent Quiet in that car Do not let you be fooled, you are right there Were you nervous beforehand? Uhm, no, not really no. That doesn't bother me either But it will be fine Okay, well then we go for it! Nobody said it was going to be fun, so here we go! Should I go down then? Do I still need to turn on something? How about putting on your helmet? Oh yeah, that's a good one Well Josse We'll see you at the bottom! See you on the other side There he goes, the man on a mission Time to warm up! Yes Three times a minute and then down again One minute all out We don't have to worry about that minute, he can do that Yes, one minute must be doable Yes, twice this and then another five minutes Yes, and that's the warming up.

It doesn't feel like that right now The warming up is over, how do the legs feel? Uh yes my right calf hurts – That's not nice If I have something upstairs that's it – That's your excuse so That's my excuse today What do you think? I think you put yourself up and you can easily reach 310 310? Dude, I didn't even reach that in the warming up, and then I went full out. Good luck! Here we go! Hop hop! Does he feel like it? No, he was very nervous again And he pitied the rain Heart rate 190 320 average, but that is too high What will he get for score? I think 309 309 I think Josse is always someone who needs someone to… – Trigger him To trigger him, he is not, he cannot do that by himself 6 minutes But now the tricky part begins Now it really starts Come on Josse, it's going really well 12 minute 40 You can just see that he is pushing a bit lighter than he was at the start Yes, he stands up, come on! Then you can immediately see his wattage go up Hoppa, to 420 13 minutes Now it's raining What are you here as a dress twins The only thing where we potentially differ is our boxers Yes Yeah, tell me about your ftp test How did it went Josse? 311! 311, good man! I said that! Nice man! Yes yes yes, good man! And that in that rain man! My heart rate went straight to 196, on the very first I thought this will be such a long ride At the start of those 20? Yes As soon as I start it shoots up I think it is real …

And then standing up at the end I went deep! It seemed to be 307 for a long time, but I was able to lift that to 311 at the end You know what it is, Josse is actually very predictable We said in the car, he is whining, he is going to get 310 And he needs an opponent, he can't ride against himself Bas, what did you score in your previous ftp test? That was a bit in my head because I think 330 No, I think with Wilbert it was 310 And I just had 311 Yes, but then it went really bad for me Yes, but it was in my head I did a test for this which was a lot better than 310 So this isn't my personal best But you're as good as your last race I think is a very good one! I don't want to trouble, but shouldn't we do a revenge once? And I think what Wilbert always says: "Weight is power" And I just calculated, you have to push 359 What weight did you assume? I think you are half a kilo above that So if you want, we will read it out and then we will make a report and send it to you on Save ride But if Josse was about eleven years younger What then? Talent huh! A talent And now? I have been cycling for a year now A year? It normally takes 2 years to be full grown.

At 29, I'm going to be fully grown, here you go! What I also find amazing is that the doubts you had in advance Turned completely into a kind of pink cloud Not normal! If I now start riding in sports class, newbies, can I come along? Yes, that will work But you will suffer, those intervals, those guys are very explosive The conversation with Danny suddenly took a very crazy turn We have a training race, you could participate, we did that ftp test but …

But because Josse is too old here, how old are you? 28 And let the maximum age be just 27 to ride with a group. I think that is a great pity, that Devin has to do that now. I think that is a very good one. That will be very tough, I think for you For me? But do I have to participate in a competition on Sunday? I'm too old, sorry But why did I suddenly get involved, I had nothing to do with that whole ftp test But there's also the fact that I've never ridden in a peloton But they are fifteen-year-old boys, how bad, how bad can it be? No, he will not be able to follow No, because those young boys are very fickle, very fierce, they brake very hard, they push each other So everything is super close together and you also get turns, which are actually just as important as how fast you ride And what is your largest group you have ever rode in, the three of us I think? That's about here And tomorrow there are fifty people at the start who all want to be the very first to go through a turn And there you will sit between like a big one, you will ride at the last place all the time because you will be afraid This is a great plan! I do have faith in you.

You can do this! We have become much better. Did you bring your competition suit? No Anyways, thanks from me, from him a little less I suppose Until Sunday Until Sunday yes! Good luck! We are going to support for you We are going to support you I will take that with me That, dear people You will see that in the next video Come on boy! You can still become a Super Domestique, and don't forget to subscribe to this channel Bye bye!.