1 Jaar Later – Ben Ik Nog Blij Met M’n Vanmoof?

My name is Bram de Wijs, and last year I spent an insane amount of money… on a bike… A very nice bicycle though. It's the VanMoof electrified S2 It once sold for €3400, but I bought it for €2600 as an early bird And now you can get one for only €1700 Bargain! 1 year ago This is my new bicycle! It is one year later I have cycled almost 2000 kilometres (1243 miles) And the big question remains: "Was it worth all that money?" Do I still enjoy it? Would I like to make some alterations? And to answer that last question: YES! Am I still satisfied with my bicycle? The simple answer is: yes! I have cycled 2000 kilometres in the last year, which I reckon is quite a lot. Commute to work every day, but also some longer distances and because it's electric, I am never reluctant to go somewhere. Somewhere further away like my dentist, or up that hill on the way to work. It is not an issue anymore.

You whoosh through the city and that is an incredible feeling. Except when it rains. What works well? The kick-lock, which works by just kicking the wheel It is quick, you do not need a lock, it works all the time! The turbo-button on the steeringbar works a treat! Especially if you want to win that traffic-light sprint. Amazing! And I reckon that the battery lasts for quite a while, especially when you consider how often I use the turbo-button I sometimes do forget to charge it overnight, but it is never an issue.

And I love how I can modify the electric support in the app I normally use 1, so you still have to put in some kind of effort But sometimes, for example during a longer distance, or when you go up a mountain, or when you just feel lazy, it is nice to be able to put it on 4 and just whiz away What does not work? What almost never works instantly is the automatic unlock feature. It should automatically unlock when your phone approaches your bike If it does work, it is fantastic Especially if someone next to you is struggling with a chainlock, And you just casually grab your bike and cycle off. But most times I have to access the app or enter my code. And then there is the bell, which sounds like this… Literally nobody is moving over for this sound. What would I change? There are a few things I would like to change: I would like to raise the steering bar a little further At the moment it is officially at the highest setting with two extra rings But it should be able to be raised even higher with an extra pin I would like different hand-grips, because these are very thin and hard.

But maybe that is due to low position causing me to lean forward. And I want a different saddle, because this one gets uncomfortable after a few minutes. Also, Kai, my cat, bit a piece out of it. And it requires some maintenance First of all these mudguard brackets came loose and I do not know how to attach them. For the time being I fixed them behind the fork Second thing is the chain, which needs to be checked, cleaned, adjusted and oiled. Not sure, but it makes a bit of a rattling noise. One could do that himself, but I am not in the mood for it. And the third thing are the handbrakes, which require adjusting. Because now, even when you can squeeze them really hard, the bike does not come to a stop. A little dangerous. And that brings us to the biggest issue with VanMoof: The customer care! I have heard a lot of horror stories about them: "They just want to sell you a bike and afterwards you don't hear from them." I personally had a different experience last year.

Somehow I ended up with a severely twisted wheel and they did repair it for free. Altough I think they excanged the whole front wheel. Which is an expensive wheel, since it houses the motor. So I actually had a really pleasant experience with them. But now I have emailed them a few times about those mudguards and… now they send me weird parts, they tell me I can only speak to them in English, But I do not even know what a mudguard bracket is called in English I do not even know if "spatbordhouder" is a proper Dutch word! They just keep mucking me around Even if I send them pictures, but they seem to remain clueless. I emailed them about the saddle, the handgrips, adjusting the brakes and oiling the chain. And they just reply with some do-it-yourself videos. I replied that I want them to do it for me since they are the experts…

But no, they will not do it! They tell me to go and visit a local bike repair shop. And that is exactly what I did. I asked the local shop if they could fix all the issues with my VanMoof And they said: "Yes of course, we will have a look at it!" Yes! My VanMoof is back from the repair shop and because I cannot go outside now, I will record the last bit on my terrace at home.

It took them 4 days and it cost me €170.30. €49.50 for labour €30 for raising the steeringbar, including pin and adapter. €25 for the imitation leather handgrips And €64.90 for the new saddle. I am very happy with the new grips, they have a nice touch They should stay in good condition for a long time and I think they match with the bike. The saddle is just fine, it does not look great, but it matches the design of the bike.

And it very comfortable. The steering bar has been raised significantly as requested, because I am 6'5" tall But they have not done it the nicest way They added a lot of loose rings and a sort of bigger adapter All these different diameters look a bit odd Maybe I could get this changed at a later stage at a VanMoof store. But for now it is just fine. It is amazing. I can finally sit upright It makes for a completely new bike experience One thing did not go right, as I sort of expected. And that is the reason I initially really wanted to go see the VanMoof bike doctor Because suddenly the turbo-button does not work anymore It has to do something with the steering-bar Because by lifting the bar they might have pulled the cables inside. And both the brake lines and the electric cables were just at the right length.

But something must have come loose and my local bike shop could not troubleshoot what has happened So now I do really miss my turbo-button When this crisis is over and the shops re-open I will go to VanMoof to get this fixed. And I hope they can do something about this Furthermore, they oiled the chain and adjusted the brakes for free, so the brakes work fine now.

And they re-attached the brackets for the mudguard Apparently that was very simple! Just tighten up with an Allen-key! I do not know why VanMoof could have just told me that in an email instead of sending me all those parts. I am in doubt about one more thing… And that is installing a regular bicycle bell here. It might not look very hip, but….. I think it will be great!.