Nieuwe E-bike Molyte Lanceert In Antwerpen

Hi and welcome to a new video at eDavy We are in the center of Antwerp today I was invited here by the brand new bicycle brand Molyte in Antwerp To have a look at two new ebike models that they have launched For those of you that don't know Molyte, that is
possible, because it is a brand new bike brand a brand new bike brand that they are going to launch in Europe and they are starting their new brand in the Belgian city of Antwerp But the investors behind Molyte have years of experience They are active in the electric bike sharing business
in several European countries, also in Singapore So they have a lot of experience in managing an electric bike company The technology of their ebike sharing business is
integrated in the new Molyte software and bicycles Molyte currently has 2 models of bicycles
on the market, the R01 and the R02 model a men's bicycle and a women's model but lately these women's models are more family bikes
and are also used by a lot of men You can buy these two models in one specific color each The male model in midnight blue and
the female model in cream white By working through direct online sales , Molyte is able
to keep the price of this bike surprisingly low.

You have two price options when you buy the bike You have the choice to buy the bike in full for €1799 For this price you get the bike and the battery and
you get the use of the smart app Or you can choose to buy it at a lower price
of €999 (later €1199) with a subscription. The monthly subscription price is set at around 30 euro With this subcription you get a lot of extra's
like theft protection and insurance, if the bike is stolen they are going to help you
to find the bike back if they can't find the bike within two weeks
they will provide you another bike You also get a subscription on the battery (you don't own it) as soon as the battery gets below 70% health,
you can request a new one New batteries with some bicycle brands cost a lot of money
if you have to replace them So the subcription on the battery could be a big advantage You also get a repair service at home through the app You can request maintenance in the app,
choose a date and time Also report the problem and the repair service will
pick up the bike at your home They will also return the bike within 3 days So the relax subscription plan will get you a lot of extra services Due to the lower purchase price of the bicycle,
the costs of the first 2 subscription years of the bicycle are already covered by the discount
you receive on the actual purchase.

With the relax subscription you are fully covered
the first couple of years The bikes themselves have a lightweight aluminum frame. The motor has a maximum speed of 25 km/h
and you can determine the assistance yourself in three different positions via a button on the steering wheel. The bicycle has no gears and also has a belt instead of a chain. Lubricating oil is never needed and the internal computer
always determines the necessary assistance and electrical assistance for every journey.

The Molyte's battery has a capacity of 420 Wh
and a range of up to 70 km. The battery is custom build for the frame of the bike You can charge battery of the bike in the frame
or you can take it out and charge it indoors The design of the bicycles is a beautiful combination
of modern, functional and a nod to the past. It's not a hypermodern bike that only works with an app They want the bike to be used by everyone that just likes to ride a bike The eyecatchers of the bike are the comfortable leather saddle You can always upgrade the saddle if you like and the leather handles the standard rack in the front, under which the
computer hardware of the bicycle is located.

The rack is not only functional but also
houses all the bicycle hardware like the GPS, Bluetooth module, the theft alarm
and of course the front led light At the front you can also find a disc brake, but the
braking at the rear takes the full responsibility of the motor. So no extra disc brake is needed at the back. You can also lock the bike via the app. The rear motor is blocked and you can no longer ride the bicycle. an extra physical lock is always a good idea As I said before the bike is equipped with the latest
technology in the field of bluetooth, GPS, and 4G connectivity. The bicycle also has a built-in alarm and thanks to the internal
GPS you can always find it via the app if the bicycle is stolen. The position of your body on the bike is very relaxed you ride the bike with a straight back it is pleasant to use as a city bike for shorter,
but possibly also longer rides. It's always a comfortable ride on a Molyte
even in a busy city centre like Antwerp I tested the Molyte bike in the busy streets of Antwerp It was a good test when driving in a busy walking street the motor and gears had to adjust quickly from 25/h to a slow walking pace And you immediately notice that the motor and gears
does a good job in assisting you through busy city traffic There are already some accessories available
for the Molyte bicycles, such as a basket in the front a rack in the back with a bicycle bag, You can always order these accessoires on the website If you are interested in buying the Molyte bike Go and take a look on their website You get the choice of two bike models and the choice between the full price purchase of €1799 which you can order in Belgium later also in several other European countries and cities If you are interested abroad keep an eye out on their website You can also choose their relax plan subscription but this is only available in the city centre of Antwerp for now the good service is important and Molyte wants to make sure that the relax plan
also delivers a very good service in your area so the relax plan with gently roll our to other
areas in the next couple of months