Nieuwe Cowboy 4 St E-bike Getest!

Welcome everyone and thanks for watching this new video this is, a website and Youtube channel
about technology and ebikes This week I got the chance to try one of the first pre-launch
bikes of the new Cowboy 4 and 4 ST. The cowboy is an e-bike that I have discussed
several times on my Youtube channel. In the meantime I am also still the owner of a Cowboy 3
and according to my own personal opinion it remains one of the best ebikes you can buy at the moment. However, this fourth generation brings a lot of novelties,
including an integrated cockpit, a more powerful engine, wireless charging of your
smartphone and an improved Cowboy app. Completely new is the Cowboy 4ST,
the first frame with a step-through model, so that the electric bicycles become even
more accessible for the whole family. Moreover, the bike is a bit more comfortable to ride on
because you just sit upright on it. The top tube has disappeared in this step-through model. The handlebars have also been changed to provide
a more relaxed and upright riding position.

With 19.2 kilograms, the ST is slightly heavier
than the 18.9 kilograms of the Cowboy 4. Both bikes have 50 percent more pulling power thanks
to the latest engine technology, without the need for gears. Driving uphill should now be even smoother. The battery is still removable and provides a range of
about 70 kilometers, comparable to that of the Cowboy 3. The Cowboy 3 also remains available to buy
and has also become a bit cheaper. Moreover, with every bike you now get standard mudguards, which are
even more beautifully integrated with the frame on the Cowboy 4. You have to look carefully at the Cowboy 4 to find screws. The Cowboy app still remains the heart of the bicycle. Also this summer a completely redesigned version of the app with a new home screen, an improved navigation screen with 3D view and a riding dashboard that keeps track of your fitness data. An element of gamification was also added
like badges and a scoreboard.

Cowboy Community offers the opportunity to participate
in group rides in various cities in Belgium and Europe. The Cowboy 4 now also includes an integrated cockpit
with wireless charging functionality if your phone supports it. Via a Quad Lock you can easily click your smartphone
onto the handlebar, after which it is automatically charged. this way, your smartphone becomes the central point of your driving
experience and you always have access to up-to-date information. If you just have your smartphone in your pocket while driving, you will now see LED lights for the battery indication in the middle
of your handlebar and no longer on your frame. This new steering is not easily changed by another one for example if you want to sit more upright now you have to look at the Cowboy 4 ST if you are looking
for a bike with a more comfortable riding position The Cowboy 3 will also still be available for purchase In terms of design, the Cowboy 4 is really a nice step forward.

The brake lines are now concealed and the handles
have been given a more comfortable design. In addition, the pedals and brakes also received
a new simplified design. You can optionally also equip your Cowboy 4 with
a luggage rack (99 euros) or a standard (29 euros). In terms of color, you can choose between Sand, Khaki and Black. Tell me in the comments below the video
which colour you like the most! With all those updates, the price has also risen a bit to 2490 euros
for both the Cowboy 4 and the Cowboy 4 ST. However, the Cowboy 3 remains, as said before,
also available for 2190 euros. By the way, if you use my referral link that now appears on the screen and you can also find it at the bottom of the video description you will receive a € 100 discount from
Cowboy on the purchase of your next bike. Deliveries of the Cowboy 4 and
Cowboy 4 ST will start in September 2021. You can already pre-order via the Cowboy website. don't forget to use the link in the
video description to get a €100 discount Have fun biking Cowboys!