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Nyotalia - Axis Powers Hetalia - Male!Belgium For Hetalia-Slideshows: If you want me to make a Slideshow about a certain character, give me a song that's about the certain country and, if possible, in their native language ^^~ I do NOT own.

fake Hetalia screenshots with retro anime style. The first one has an annoyed Nyo England. The second has an AU: Francis and Arthur have a little cafè, but the frenchman has the vice to flirt with customers, so this irritates Arthur because he only loses time (and because it makes him jealous ;3)

Nyotalia refers to the genderbent versions of the canon Hetalia characters. Nyotalia is a fandom-made term, started by the Japanese fandom, from the words nyotaika (which refers to male-to-female genderbends) and Italia (or, rather, Hetalia).

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I’m so sorry that the clips are so long! There weren’t any actual edits of PruHun. (Meaning under 1 minute.) Also, I’m sorry for the late upload. It’s fairly late for a weekend upload. I.

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Belgium (ベルギー, Berugī) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. Appearance She has short and wavy blonde hair, later colored a brown shade, held back with a ribbon headband (alternatively green or red, but also sometimes seen as being black), and light green eyes. Belgium.

Nyo Belgium:-He’s ridiculously friendly, and loves to make you laugh. He quickly becomes your best friend, though he hopes that you’ll want to be more than just friends. He’s also overprotective, and frequently lectures you when you do something reckless or don’t take care of yourself.

{ Hetalia Icons | Nyo!Boys Appreciation }. Nyo Belgium: -He's ridiculously friendly, and loves to make you laugh. He quickly becomes your best friend, though he hopes that you'll want to be more.

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Nyo! Hetalia matchmaker~With a twist.

Characters are nyo!Belarus, nyo!Belgium, nyo!Ukraine, nyo!Hungary and nyo!Seychelles. Add to library 5 Discussion Browse more Historical Fanfiction Anime/Manga. We Will Meet Again. Firework Queen Anime/Manga Fanfiction Historical April 30, 2016 .

Gilles Swellgium Van Dyke /Nyo Belgium/, Brussels, Belgium. 1,131 likes. "Ah, hallo everyone~! I hope you all enjoy your time here!" He winks.

Nyo!Hungary-Hungary´s love for cooking and baking was even more prominent in his male form-he was not that much of a clean freak like Germany, but favored it over chaos-while he was not that big on PDA, back home is a complete other story

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Nyo! Hetalia matchmaker~With a twist. Ghostsoul Anime & Manga Personality April 7, 2014 . A test once again based off memory and experience rather than preferences like your favorite colour. Characters are nyo!Belarus, nyo!Belgium, nyo!Ukraine, nyo!Hungar.