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Language: Currency: Euro. Discover More About Belgium. Although relatively small, Ghent is a contemporary and vibrant city. Dutch is the main language spoken in Ghent and the northern parts of Belgium. French is also widely spoken throughout.

What is the most common language spoken in Antwerp, Belgium? Just like in the rest of Flanders, it's Dutch. According to my Flemish friend, most people there today speak fairly standard Belgian Dutch, although maybe with a regional accent, but the traditional dialect belongs to the Brabantian group.

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Belgium. Official Languages: French, Dutch and German. Wallon, the local variant of French, is used by 33% of population. Flemish is used by more than 60% of the population, and is spoken in the.

Europe – What Language do They Speak in Belgium? – I know, I know – this is a stupid question, but I will be in Belgium for a week in the (230533)Europe – What Language do They Speak in Belgium.

Ghent is a city and a municipality in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is the capital and largest.

party Open VLD. The ten-day-long Ghent Festival (Gentse Feesten in Dutch) is held every year and attended by about 1–1.5 million visitors.

Ghent: Ghent, city, Flanders Region, northwestern Belgium.

by its loss of access to the sea via the estuary of the Scheldt River, which was in Dutch hands.

Just as the English language spoken in Australia, Canada, UK, USA, South-Africa; and French spoken in Belgium, Canada, France, and Switzerland, Belgian differ, so too does Dutch spoken in The Netherlands differ from that in Belgium. These differences are not significant enough to constitute an individual language, they are simply variations of pronunciation, lexicon, and expressions.

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Hi Jennifer. Flemish (a Dutch dialect) is the local language in Bruges. Most people in Bruges have a very good command of English and you will not have a problem.

How many languages are spoken in Belgium, and where are they spoken exactly? The second most-spoken language in Belgium is French. The French-speaking community lives in the southern Wallonia region and in the capital Brussels, and this community constitutes approximately 40% (4.5.

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The name Netherlands, or Low Countries, has been given historically to the entire region around the waterways of the Rhine delta. The low-lying coastal plain, needing the protection of dikes against the constant threat of flooding, has an obvious geographical unity. The linguistic division derives.

The Kingdom of Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. A number of non-official, minority languages and dialects are spoken as well.

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Seeing people will hear you are not a native dutch/flemish speaker, your attemtps to speak the language will be appreciated in Gent. More so.

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Ghent (/ ɡ ɛ n t /; Flemish: Gent ; French: Gand ) is a city and a municipality in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is the capital and largest city of the East Flanders province, and the second largest municipality in Belgium, after Antwerp . [2]

Languages of Belgium I know, I know – this is a stupid question, but I will be in Belgium for a week in.

in Belgium for a week in the summer and don't know if they speak flemmish,

Brugge (Bruges) – – and to a lesser extent, Ghent (Gent or Gand).