Belgium Tax Declaration

Income tax in Belgium 2018 and who can help you fill out the tax declaration forms in Ghent. Deadlines for Belgian tax residents.

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Income tax Income tax must be paid by all people who have settled in Belgium or made it their centre of financial interest, regardless of their nationality. The tax authorities calculate the amount of tax payable based on the annual income tax declaration. For more information on personal income.

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Those who do decide to work in Belgium under their UK-based limited company do run a risk as they leave their tax affairs open to the interpretation of the Belgian tax authorities, as Daw explains: “Through the LIMOSA declaration, the Belgian authorities will have proof that a contractor is working in Belgium.

Italy’s longest-serving postwar prime minister is a billionaire, media tycoon, soccer mogul, convicted tax fraudster.


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The Belgian Tax Administration grants special tax concessions to non-Belgian executives and specially skilled employees who, temporarily, have been assigned to exercise an activity in Belgium.

Dependant spouse allowance and assistant spouse deduction. A part of the professional income of one of the spouses may be allocated to the other if the income of this other spouse does not exceed 30% of the couple’s total professional income.

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Please see Note 174811 – Configuring a Belgian Company Code. This note contains some tips for tax reporting in Belgium, but I don't know if it is sufficient.

In Belgium, taxes are collected on both state and local level. The most important taxes are collected on federal level, these taxes include an income tax, social security, corporate taxes and value added tax. At the local level, property taxes as well as various fees are collected.

The aid can be in the form of direct cash grants or indirect aid – such as preferential borrowing rates or tax credits. Under.

May 15, 2013  · Official information British people moving to and living in Belgium need to know, including EU Exit guidance, residency, healthcare and driving.

BRIGHT EXPATS Moving to Belgium – From tax hell to tax heaven This topic provides country/region-specific information about how to set up and create the INTERVAT tax declaration for legal entities in Belgium only.

For those officials of European institutions who are not domiciled for tax purposes in Belgium, the tax return should be sent to the local tax office (not to the scanning centre) with the relevant letter from the institute. In the event that someone from this category of officials has income from a Belgian source, this income must be declared in a non-residents tax return. In this case you.

The Royal Mint of Belgium is responsible for ordering the Belgian circulation coins, the design, the quality control and the screening of counterfeit coins. The Royal Mint also represents the Belgian State on an international level.

INTERVAT tax declaration For information about how to set up and create the INTERVAT tax declaration for legal entities in Belgium only, see INTERVAT tax declaration . For information about standard reports that can help you with the INTERVAT tax declaration and reconciliation analysis, see Reconciliation reports for Belgium .