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Another Belgian government has just collapsed because of a dispute over language. The coalition headed by Prime Minister Yves Leterme lasted just five months.

Belgium’s linguistic diversity stems from a series of political and cultural conflicts that started many hundreds of years ago, and continues to this day. It’s important travelers are aware of the sensitivities that surround language, and how it changes depending on where you’re traveling in the.

May 26, 2019  · Belgium is split along linguistic lines, with French-speaking Wallonia in the south and Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north, and governments.

European Parliament. MEPs. Access to page content (press "Enter"). The European Parliament is made up of 751 Members elected in the 28 Member States of the enlarged European Union.

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The elections take place on Sunday 26 May 2019 in Belgium. There is an official website of the federal Ministry of Home Affairs on the elections (available in French, German and Dutch). There is also a special website for EU voters (in all of the EU’s official languages) with link to the official announcement on the legal procedures to follow from the minister (in French and Dutch).

50 senators are elected by and from the community and regional parliaments: 29 by the Flemish Parliament, 10 by the Parliament of the French Community, 8 by the Walloon Parliament, 2 by the French-language group of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region, and 1 by the Parliament of the German-speaking Community.

Jan 1, 2019.

Belgian House of Representatives. January 2019.

. cerning the division of Members of Parliament into language groups and containing.

As well as choosing new MEPs, Belgians will be selecting representatives for the country’s six parliaments (the federal.

Belgium has 25 seats in the European Parliament. Belgium's Linguistic Divide. There is no German-language counterpart to the Green parties. In Brussels the parties have adopted a joint list to.

May 01, 2018  · Belgium straddles the border between Germanic and Romance-speaking Europe, and this position is reflected in the politics, culture and linguistic makeup of the country. Three language groups all sharing one roof — what could go wrong? Apparently, a lot. Unlike other countries in.

Belgium Explained: language and political structure May 08, 2010  · The language divide at the heart of a split that is tearing Belgium apart.

may Belgium die" was the battle cry ringing out in Belgium’s federal parliament on Thursday as the 150 elected.

A Level students visit Belgium and EU Parliament 18th February 2019 | Subject: A Levels First and second year A Level students studying History, Languages, Law, Politics and Government had the opportunity to travel to Brussels for a three day visit, by invitation of Clare Moody, MEP for the South West and Gilbraltar.

Belgium also has a small German-language community. Parties align themselves in terms of language and community, making it.

the parliament is organised according to political affiliation rather than nationality. The president is chosen from Euro MPs.

Bordering the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, the area has its own parliament and government at Eupen. The German-speaking Community of Belgium is composed of the German-speaking parts of the lands that were annexed in 1920 from Germany.

Belgium approved a draft law that introduces a deduction for innovation income.

Multilingualism ensures that all EU citizens can follow the work of their democratic representatives in the world’s most multilingual parliament in their own language. Linguistic and cultural diversity is one of Europe’s strengths and is woven into the EU Treaties as a core value.

Home » About Belgium » Government » Federal government » Federal parliament. The Federal Parliament (Chamber and Senate) votes on laws. Composition of the House of Representatives (link.

May 26, 2019.

2019 European Parliament election in Belgium.

Voters can only vote on the lists depending on the language area they live in. This means that.