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Опубликовано: 22 мар. 2018 г. How to say hello in 46 languages: Bulgarian, German, Greek, Romanian, Polish, Albanian, Turkish, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese How To Say "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?" in 60 Different Countries – Продолжительность: 2:38 Lingualizer 166 056.

In addition to the official language, Belgium has a number of regional, or non-official, languages as well. A few of these are very closely related to French, although the French Community has recognized them as distinct languages. They are Walloon, Picard, Champenois, and Lorrain. Walloon is the traditional language of the southern regions of Belgium and was originally spoken by the Walloons.

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For example, give yourself an extra 10 minutes in the morning before your first task to say hello to your team.


If you want to say "hello" to everyone on the planet, you would have to learn at least 2,796 languages and greet at least 7 billion people. It could be really handy if you are traveling or just want to know someone from a different culture. Here are some of the ways of saying "hello" all around the world.

THE LANGUAGE SPOKEN IN BELGIUM IS CALLED FLEMISH, NOT BELGIAN. Although, Dutch is the majority language in Belgium, being spoken natively by three-fifths of the population.

Knowing how to greet someone and which greeting to use is the first step in learning a new language. No sweat; we've got you covered. Saying "Hello?" when answering the phone is pretty much an automatic reflex, but where did the word actually come from?

Belgium. Official Languages: French, Dutch and German. Wallon, the local variant of French, is used by 33% of population. Flemish is used by more than 60% of the population, and is spoken in the.

Share to: How do i say hello in Ukraine? The previous answers are incorrect. They were both in Russian. Ukrainians and Russians are not the same. How do you say Welcome to Belgium in Belgian? There is no language called Belgian. In Belgium they speak Dutch, French or German.

Whether you’re at home or abroad, a simple ‘hello‘ is likely the first word you’ll ever say to someone. It’s polite, simple and besides, it’s always good to learn a few words of the local language while you’re traveling! So maybe it is a good idea to learn how to say hello in as many languages as possible! After all, although it’s obviously true that you should never judge a.

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May 15, 2019  · How to Say Hello in Different Languages. If you want to say "hello" to everyone on the planet, you would have to learn at least 2,796 languages and greet at least 7 billion people. It could be really handy if you are traveling or just want.

learn how to say hello in dutch.

Learn Basic Greetings in Mandarin Chinese: Hello, How Are You, Thank you 中文打招呼 LearnChineseWithEmma – Duration: 3:27.

Hello in many languages. Jump to phrases . This page shows equivalents of 'hello' or similar general greetings in many languages. It also shows how to say 'hello' on the telephone, if there is a different way of doing so. Guide to abbreviations: inf = inf.

Traveling to or studying in Belgium, it can be useful to learn how to say and pronounce Greetings words such as Hello. Located in Europe & Central Asia, Belgium has a population of 11,008,000 (2011) consisting of 50% female (2011) and sees the arrival of 7,186,000 (2010) tourists a year.