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WHICH BELGIAN BEERS? So which Belgian beers are worth checking out? There are plenty of lists of Belgian beers in magazines compiled by people who know a thing or two about beer and there are lots of online rating sites that rank beers.

Top Rated Beers: Belgium. Beers from Belgian brewers. Countries: Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Germany France Ireland Italy Japan Mexico Netherlands United Kingdom United States.

The gueuze-style Belgian is replete with barnyard funk and kombucha-level.

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Tasting Belgium's Trappist Beers This list of Belgium beers is alphabetical Various bits of information for these Belgium beers are available below, such as what brewery makes them and what percentage of alcohol the beers contain.

Netherlands-native Jeroen Hasenbos brings Amsterdam’s traditional Frietkoten ‘fry shack’ experience to Chicago with hand cut Belgian fries that are served in a paper cone and distinguished by a crisp outside and soft, delicious potato inside.

Another Belgian Lambic beer, it has traces of the mature oaky funk found in other beers of this style – but those sweet peaches take centre stage before finishing off with flickers of tart and.

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In addition to the classic Belgian beer styles, we are now seeing beer styles that have been imported. Examples include stout and scotch, both very popular in the early heydays of British beers.

Belgian cuisine is widely varied with significant regional variations while also reflecting the cuisines of neighbouring France, Germany and the Netherlands. It is sometimes said that Belgian food is served in the quantity of German cuisine but with the quality of French food.

The beer the Gauls brewed was different from what we now know as Belgian beer. Elements of our modern Belgian ale began to take shape in the Middle Ages. With beer a popular beverage in monasteries, breweries were built in the abbeys, and a professional, organized level of brewing with quality standards emerged among the monks, who controlled the nascent industry.

Beer in Belgium varies from pale lager to amber ales, lambic beers, Flemish red ales, sour brown ales, strong ales and stouts.In 2016, there were approximately 224 active breweries in Belgium, including international companies, such as AB InBev, and traditional breweries including Trappist monasteries. On average, Belgians drink 84 liters of beer each year, down from around 200 each year in 1900.

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Is Belgium the greatest beer brewing nation in the world? Spearheaded by its six Trappist breweries, the country was always renowned for producing a great number of beer styles to exceptional.

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